The State of Blockchain on the Pharmacuetical Supply Chain is a one-of-a-kind study that directly speaks to qualified executives representing pharmaceutical supply chain trade partners – manufacturers, wholesalers and dispensaries (retail pharmacies and hospitals) – about their perceived barriers to adoption of the blockchain technology. The study goes beyond the hype and goes direct to the source of pharmaceutical supply chain executives who are knowledgeable about blockchain and are in the process of considering adoption. The study provides an independent perspective on the current state of blockchain adoption getting understanding of perceived benefits and barriers from three different critical players on the chain, the best blockchain application for their needs and where blockchain could deliver the greatest benefit: compliance vs security vs revenue generation. The study provides an eye-opening view to the US pharmaceutical supply chain s market on future steps to advance blockchain adoption. 300 qualified respondents completed the study with a balanced representation of manufacturers (31%), wholesalers (34%), and dispensaries (35%).

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